Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Eric Watson: Plainfield Today posts on Watson, the PMUA and Mayor Robinson-Briggs' 2013 primary campaign.

Here are some of the Plainfield Today posts covering Eric Watson and the PMUA, as well as his involvement with former mayor Robinson-Briggs as manager of her 2013 re-election campaign.

12/19/2011:  "Ex-PMUA execs in $1.2M severance pay skulldiggery"
Includes links to news stories and copies of contracts, severance resolutions and more.
12/13/2012:  "Rahway example underscores outrageousness of $1M PMUA settlement"
Rahway administrator, with more experience, gets only $163,000 severance package.
01/25/2013:  "Council gives $1M giveaway promoter a PMUA seat"
Cecil Sanders makes revealing remarks about Watson's departure.
04/01/2013:  "$1 million 'gift' coming back to haunt PMUA board?"
The NJ Public Advocate excoriates the PMUA board for the Watson-Ervin settlement.
05/20/2013: "Sharon breaks election rules, but compliments Mapp"
A questionable campaign mailer; Watson was Robinson-Briggs' campaign manager.
06/05/2013: "Campaign Album: The winner and the losers"
Includes photo of Robinson-Briggs and campaign manager Watson with Rev. Al Sharpton.

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