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New Horizons College Club


New Horizons College Club


New Horizons College Club (NHCC) provides and/or supplements the support and guidance the program participants receive at home and in their respective high schools. We guide each participant through the college choice process. We not only strongly encourage each of the participants to attend college, but provide them with the information needed and means necessary to navigate through the college selection process and choose an institution of higher education which best suits their educational needs.

The program provides students with college related information regarding the SAT/ACT factors important to selecting a college or university public, private, and institutional scholarships. The services provided by the volunteer program advisors take place at weekly sessions between September and May. The program's participants have the opportunity to learn more about campus life and college survival skills through a series of program sessions, guest speakers, and returning NHCC alumni.

The NHCC curriculum has four key topics: self-exploration, college search, financing a college education and college survival skills. Life skills and other real life topics (e.g. racism, sexism, and discrimination) are infused into weekly sessions in the form of group discussions, and program activities.

Top Ten Reasons to join NHCC

10. You have access to SAT and College Application fee waivers.
9. You have a good time while you learn.
8. You have a Program Advisor that will work with you one-on-one.
7. You will get help with structuring that dreaded personal essay.
6. You have connections to local scholarship opportunities.
5. You will know exactly who you are.
4. You will know more about the college process than your peers.
3. It’s one day a week.
2. It’s easy to join.
And the #1 reason IT's FREE!!!!"

About Us


New Horizons College Club is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to strengthen the position of African Americans in the community by encouraging the pursuit of higher education. We provide support, encouragement, direction and access to educational resources.

Mission Statement

New Horizons College Club seeks to ensure that African American high school students are adequately prepared to pursue and earn degrees of higher education by addressing barriers to access from application to matriculation and through to graduation.


The vision is to get African American students into college, despite social, academic, and/or financial barriers.

Vision Statement

New Horizons College Club envisions its graduates as college educated, self sufficient adults influencing, contributing to, and benefiting from, their communities and society.

Activities Statement

New Horizons College Club helps African American students get into college by providing support, information, direction, and access to educational resources.


Our chief values are education, preparedness, collaboration, community, and upward-mobility. The underlying belief of New Horizons College Club is that African American students need assistance to successfully navigate the path to higher education and to generate as many options as possible to ensure a quality college education.

Value Statement

New Horizons College Club believes that every African American Student should have a plan of action to secure a quality college education, regardless of academic, social, or financial barriers.

Positioning Statement

Recognizing that societal barriers exist for people without a college degree to enjoy a certain level of freedom and a quality of life, New Horizons College Club values excellence in education an recognizes a higher education as an equalizer in this society."

NHCC meets every Wednesday from September to May at the
Washington Community School
427 Darrow Avenue Plainfield, NJ from 7:30 - 9:00 PM

Contact Us At:
New Horizons College Club (NHCC)
PO Box 2722
Plainfield, NJ 07062

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