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Published in the Star-Ledger Blog, Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gay pair's photo blacked out of yearbook

by Kasi Addison

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Posted by JerseyJolt on 06/22/07 at 11:45PM

seems like the kids are more grown up than the adults. The superintendent needs to be fined and suspended.

Posted by hzbball34 on 06/23/07 at 12:21AM

She says it wasn't the fact that they were gay but the provocative pose. Honestly, I have no idea what she is referring to

Posted by melissalee on 06/23/07 at 2:13AM

I don't have a problem with photo,but in days of old yearbooks were of what the kids did in the year not about who was your boyfriend or girlfriend that is the problem with the schools today it should have been monitored and focused on the accomplishments not who is going with who in 5 years they will be like what was there name!

Posted by comicforhire on 06/23/07 at 2:31AM

This is the kind of stupid stuff that a country of freedom cant have all men where born equal? Apperently not if there attracted to other men. This is utter bull crap!! What kind of freedom is this? I dont stand for discrimination, the school should either reprint that page or block out all kissin in law there is no exception all or nothing. This two are in a relationship its not like it was a truth or dare kiss.

P.s- This is not what freedom is about.

Posted by justjak13 on 06/23/07 at 7:29PM

I hope he sues the school board and the superintendant and I hope she is fired immediately. Homophobia is particularily offensive in educators and should NOT be tolerated. Marion Bolden should personally have to pay to have every single yearbook replaced.

Posted by TEvans on 06/24/07 at 10:52AM

hzbball34 stated: "She says it wasn't the fact that they were gay but the provocative pose. Honestly, I have no idea what she is referring to"...

She ain't referring to anything worth paying attention to... What she IS doing is straight lying. The ONLY reason these two brothers had their photo blacked out is due to the fact it displayed a same-sex kiss, period dot!...

What kills me is the blatant contempt the superintendent shows for both gay people and the intelligence of these high school students by trying to pass off legitimate such an obviously fraudulent excuse.

Posted by futurexboy on 06/24/07 at 11:53AM

Hi, I think a good old fashioned lawsuit would be in order since Marion Bolden believes in old fashioned tradition. You can't have your cake and eat it too, in other words you can't have straight couples kissing in photos and then say its offensive for gay couples to do so, that's just plain old discrimination any way you cut it...they need a wake up call. I saw the picture too, its not offensive in any way, it's a very loving picture between two guys that love each other very much. The school should be proud it has the openness of students that can accept this and that rally behind a person's rights, the whole world would be better off to follow these students examples here. An example should be made of this Superintendent, plain and simple she should be fired, those yearbooks should be replaced with what people bought and not a offensive blacked out version, she said the picture was offensive to her, it wasn't to me in any way, shape, or forum and if it is to you then you have issues you need to address, it would be more offensive for me to receive a blacked out version of the yearbook. Someone such as this Marion Bolden has a lot of gall to have all those yearbook pictures blacked out. We look at these schools and wonder why there are mass shootings and then we see a school like this that actually gets along with each other in a big way except for of course some stupid adult that wants to throw a hammer into the whole thing to create a major mess. It looks like one of the other teachers would of or should of stood up and to her and told her it wasn't right, hey, who gave her that right? No One!! She's nothing more less than a bigot with a title. I bet if the whole truth was known we'd find out that Marion Bolden is an unmarried old hag, never dated, and if she did date then the guys or girls she dated were scared to death with her over bearing rudeness. One thing for sure, she's not a happy person and is trying to inflict her pain on everyone else at that school and this is wrong and shouldn't be tolerated...if she's the witch she seems to be then burn her at the stake, at the very least tell her to get on her old broom and to ride out of town....Lookout Kiddies, Witch Bolden has something cooking up in her pot of spells for you too, its called Homophobia!! Homophobia is offensive and should not be tolerated. The only thing I can see offensive in this school is Marion Bolden, now its up to the school to get rid of her and her old hag ways. Show her the door, she sure doesn't need to be over a school telling everyone to hate and become a bigot like her. Get rid of her!

Posted by radagast on 06/24/07 at 11:58AM

What a sad commentary, that the principle of a school would show prejudice and hatred and do deliberate harm to two teenage boys -- and then having done that, lie about it. I can only assume some sort of fanaticism on her part.

I have news for her, the Yearbook is for the students, not their parents, and it was her JOB to stand up to the parents if they didn't like the picture, EVEN MORE SO since the boy purchased the page.

The woman should be fired, and sanctioned so that she can never work in public education again. Local and Regional organizations should condemn her prejudicial act.

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