Sunday, June 25, 2006

Jun 19 - 25, 2006 - CONNECTIONS

Connections? Food For Thought - Week of June 19 - 25, 2006

Abbott Schools: "Abbott road: How has school funding progressed?"
Accessibility: "Woman sees progress in fight for accessibility with Congress' grant"
Baby Boomer Housing: "Growing Demand for Continuing Care"
Board Independence: "Hillside Planning board chief to council: 'Hands off my board'"
Charlotte's Web Revealed: "Web's origins untangled"
Coaches & Sex Allegations: "Coaches and betrayal of trust"
Code Enforcement/Overcrowding - "Lambertville, Bernardsville tightening real estate rental rules"
Crime: "East Orange police director hails drop in serious crime"
Crime Fighting: "Mississippi Mayor Declares Emergency Over Crime"
Development: "110 Livingston Street: Goodbye Cubicles, Hello Condos"
Development: "Somerville to developers on uses for landfill: Us first!"
Development: "Despite citizen pleas, Hoboken approves redevelopment zone"
Development: "Historic warehouse housing artists demolished for a skyscraper in JC"
Downtowns: "Downtown's image problem"
Eminent Domain: "Eminent domain reform heads to Assembly"
Eminent Domain: "Cases of government land grabs on upswing"
Eminent Domain - OpEd, SL: "Jersey's chance for eminent domain reform"
Eminent Domain - SL: "Eminent domain limits approved by Assembly"
Eminent Domain - CN: "House OKs new eminent domain rules"
Eminent Domain - NYT: "Trenton: New Rules for Property Seizure"
Eminent Domain - AP: "Eminent Domain reform measure advances in Assembly"
Eminent Domain - SL: "Long Branch residents lose eminent domain battle"
Eminent Domain - APP: "Long Branch wins eminent domain suit"
Eminent Domain - Editorial, SL: "Eminent domain bill doesn't go far enough"
Eminent Domain - OpEd, SL: "Jersey's chance for eminent domain reform"
Eminent Domain - "Rally against ruling in Long Branch eminent domain case"
Gay Marriage: "Poll: Residents support civil unions, mixed on gay marriage"
Gov Employee Misconduct: "2 admit roles in the theft of $866K homeless aid"
Gov Employee Theft: "Two in Old Bridge are charged in theft of $91K funds for housing"
Gov Employee Theft: "South Amboy's ex-tax collector gets 6 years; stole more than $542,000"
Guns/Gunplay: "Man slain, boy, 11, injured in North Trenton shooting"
Guns/Gunplay: "Mourning mother's plea: No retaliation"
Immigrant Economic Mobility: "Immigration Math: It's a Long Story"
Immigration: Bob Braun: "Immigration quandary nothing new for U.S."
Job Training: "With a Little Help, Gaining Broader Access to Better-Paying Jobs"
Library Records Privacy: "Hasbrouch Heights library chief draws cops' ire"
Libraries: "Library Phone Answerers Survive the Internet"
Minimum Wage: "GOP senators kill minimum wage increase"
'New Urbanism' comes to NJ: "Where Town Homes May Soon Be Rare"
No-Knock Registries: "Using No-Knock Lists to Deter Solicitors"
Privacy: "AT&T revises privacy policy, says it owns customer data"
Property Taxes - "Tax increase shocks some in Perth Amboy"
Real Estate: "The Teardown Wars"
SCC: "How not to cram: Report card on the state's rush to build schools"
School Dismissals: "Court: School responsible for safe dismissals"
Schools & Free Speech: "Warren Hills must pay $600K legal fees in 'redneck' case"
Schools - Elizabeth HS: "Elizabeth the nation's largest High School" and profiles of students, courses of study and activities -- "Khaseem Greene", "Lillian Hernandez", "Susan Suarez", "Al McConkey", "Bianca Hammonds", "Lavone Lovett" and "Maria Penaranda and Kevin Lopez"
Surveillance Cams: "Long lens of the law"
Surveillance: "Pilotless plane tested by L.A. for cop surveillance"
Verizon & Cable: "Verizon details proposal to offer television service in Montclair"
Vets: "VA will offer credit monitoring in wake of personal data theft"
Voting Districts: "Judge requires consolidation of voting districts after Nov. election"
Jayson Williams - TT: "Williams strives for Trenton rebound"
Jayson Williams - CN: "Jayson Williams, wife opening waffle restaurant"

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