Sunday, June 25, 2006


Green/Moriarty/Sweeney Proposal & State Budget - Week of June 19 - 25, 2006

---SL: "Budget headaches took shape over a decade; Workers rally for Corzine plan today"
---Bergen Record: "Overtime costs rise sharply for state"


---SL: "Budget standoff; Corzine orders plans for state government shutdown"
---OpEd, SL: Paul Mulshine: "Corzine gives us the business"
---NYT: "Corzine Gives In on Part of Plan in Trade-Off for His Budget"
---CN: "Corzine, senators push 7% sales tax"
---Green/Moriarty/Sweeney Plan: "Plan to cut state workers' benefits: Local reaction mirrors New Jersey"


---OpEd, SL: Fran Wood: "Clear the streets for Trenton's tax showdown"
---CN: "Lawmakers look to casinos to ease taxpayers' burden"
---Editorial, CN: "Long-term fix needed for pension fund"

---SL: "Democrats, Corzine get deeper into budget fray"
---CN: "Corzine standing by sales tax hike"
---NYT: "Corzine Says He Will Veto Budget With No Tax Rise"
---NJ Policy Perspective: Report: "Making the State Sales Tax Pull its Weight"

---SL: "Logjam on budget remains unbroken; Assembly cool to Codey compromise"
---CN: "Corzine stands by sales tax hike"
---NYT: "Not a Threat, Just a Possibility, Corzine Says About a Shutdown"
---AP: "Corzine continues to dismiss alternatives to sales tax boost"


---SL: "Corzine, Assembly tangle over sales tax as deadline nears"
---SL: "Lawmakers against sales tax hike, Cool to Codey compromise"
---CN: "Austere GOP budget plan presented to Corzine"
---CN: "Administration finalizing state shutdown plans"
---NYT: "G.O.P. Plan Offers Cuts, Not Tax Increase, in New Jersey"

---The Auditor, SL: "Is Norcross behind the tax fight?"
---APP: "Anti-tax activists rally, urge 'Remember in November'"
---APP: "Property taxes part of budget discussions"
---SL: "Democrats detail proposal to avert sales tax increase"
---SL: "Bogota mayor leads fight to kill Corzine plan"
---CN: "Lawmakers gear up for final battles over budget"
---Record: "New try today at ending budget impasse"
---Budget Q&A: "Summer means fun? Not in Trenton"

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