Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hale Insurance Brokerage - Cranford - Forging signature


Donald R. Readlinger, Cranford, NJ
Hale Insurance Brokerage, LLC, Cranford, NJ

Order to Show Cause #E06-71, April 24, 2006

Producers are charged with forging the signature of a municipal official on change of broker request letters with respect to the municipality’s employees’ health and dental benefits insurance; submitting the change of broker requests to the municipality’s insurer without the knowledge of or authority from the municipality; initially falsely denying committing the forgeries and submissions when Readlinger responded to an inquiry from a municipal official; misrepresenting to municipal officials that his firm had never committed similar types of actions, when in fact, similar types of conduct were admitted to in a prior consent order, Consent Order E04-88, entered on August 16, 2004, wherein Readlinger consented to the placement of his license on probationary status for 12 months and the payment of a $5,000 fine; and failing to timely notify the Department of a change of business address.

from NJ Dept. of Banking & Insurance, Enforcement Activity, "Final and Miscellaneous Orders, August 2006"

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