Saturday, September 16, 2006

NJ Dems - PoliticsNJ - Joint Dem/LGBTI statement

Published in PoliticsNJ, Saturday, September 16, 2006
[published presumably between 9/11 and 9/14, based on adjacent dated articles]


We want to report back to you on the positive and productive meeting that was held today among top officials of the Democratic State Committee and leaders of the LGBTI community.

Chairman Joe Cryan and Executive Director Diane Legreide of the DSC met today with Steven Goldstein, Chairman of Garden State Equality; Barbara Casbar, President of New Jersey Stonewall Democrats; Joan Hervey, Deputy Executive Director of Garden State Equality; and Randy Bishop, Executive Vice President of New Jersey Stonewall Democrats and a Democratic Township Committee member in Neptune.

We all agree that the misunderstanding at the caucus meeting in Atlantic City was regrettable. No offense was intended and, as a result of today’s meeting, none was taken.

Moving forward to achieve our common goal of equality for all, we identified specific actions that we will take together to enhance communication between the LGBTI community and the State Democratic Party, as well as to build on the growing political and organizational strength of the LGBTI community.

1. As an Assemblyman, Joe Cryan will become a cosponsor of the bill to add the transgender community to the Law Against Discrimination. He will also actively encourage support for the measure among his colleagues in the legislature.

Assemblyman Cryan, a longtime advocate of gender equality and other priority legislative issues of importance to the LGBTI community, said the principles of equal rights, civil rights and fair treatment under the law are core values that should unite all citizens, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Assemblyman Cryan restated his opposition to a state constitutional ban on marriage equality.

2. Chairman Cryan created a new Deputy Vice Chair position on the Democratic State Committee and appointed Denise Brunner, who is transgender. Denise was named to the position at the party conference on Saturday. She had been recommended by LGBTI leaders.

3. Together, we will establish a working group of LGBTI leaders and Democratic State Committee officials that will meet periodically to discuss issues of concern to the LGBTI community as well as to develop concrete plans to increase LGBTI diversity throughout the party.

4. Together, we will work to utilize the talents of the LGBTI caucus, to expand their role in the party and their participation in the political process, including increased representation on county Democratic committees.

We have many challenges before us and many opportunities for real and lasting progress on matters that can have a positive impact on the lives of countless people, now and for generations to come. While these issues, for the most part, directly affect the LGBTI community, they are important to everyone, important to the rich diversity of our communities and important to the values we live by.

The Democratic Party and the LGBTI community have a strong and productive partnership and we have a determined commitment to work together in the months and years ahead to advance our shared goals and priorities.
Joseph Cryan, Chairman, Democratic State Committee
Diane Legreide, Executive Director, Democratic State Committee
Steven Goldstein, Chair of Garden State Equality
Barbara Casbar, President of New Jersey Stonewall Democrats
Joan Hervey, Deputy Executive Director of Garden State Equality
Randy Bishop, a Democratic Township Committee member in Neptune

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