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Pittis Carillon - Trevor Workman - Carillonneur to Bournville Village Trust [England]


Trevor Workman (2000)

Trevor was appointed by Bournville Village Trust as Carillonneur in 1965 upon the retirement of Clifford Ball, who had occupied the position, gaining a world wide reputation as master of the carillon, since 1924.

At the time of his appointment, Trevor was already an accomplished pianist and had throughout childhood years been a regular prize winner at local and National Competitive Music Festivals. In his teens, Trevor won a scholarship for piano tuition at the renowned Birmingham Conservatoire and for many years was a student under concert pianist William Fellowes. Trevor has always enjoyed a full and varied musical leisure time having given frequent solo performances on the piano and organ, and also being accompanist to numerous vocalists, instrumentalists, and choirs over many years.

Over the past five years Trevor has become more widely known as a carillonneur on the world stage, having represented Great Britain in five Eurocarillon Festivals. He likewise participated in the recital programme of the 10th World Carillon Congress held in Aschaffenburg, Germany in 1996 and in the 11th Congress in Mechelen, Belgium in 1999.

On that occasion he played the famous carillon of St Rombouts Cathedral, Mechelen. This location in Belgium was significant in that it is the home of the Royal Carillon School where Clifford Ball, Carillonneur in Bournville for more than 40 years, received tuition and gained his Diploma in the Carillon art.

In recent years Trevor has been on recital tours in Germany, France, Belgium the Netherlands and Denmark, and in February 1998, he was a guest recitalist in the International Carillon Festival at Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, Florida and was privileged to play the beautiful Taylor Carillon installed in the Singing Tower.

Trevor Workman released a recording of the Bournville Carillon in 1996 entitled Celebration (Sounds of Bournville) and is seeking to promote better understanding and appreciation of the instrument in Britain. He gives regular weekly carillon recitals at Bournville, seeking to maintain the highest standards of playing enjoyed by the locality since the carillon was installed by George Cadbury in 1906.

Trevor hopes to continue his carillon career for many more years, seeking not only to enrich his experience by visiting and playing other carillons at home and abroad, but also to promote the carillon in England by encouraging interest from members of the general public, staging special events, and making the carillon more accessible to visitors.

There have been a number of special events in Bournville in the past three years when the Carillon has been featured in a remarkable way utilising closed circuit television. Eminent carillonneurs from abroad have taken part with Trevor on these special occasions and the Eurocarillon 2000 Festival will once again encompass occasions when modern technology will bring the carillon art to the general public in a way that has hitherto been impossible.

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